Eco Friendly Laundry and Cleaning Products

From year to year the composition of chemical detergents becomes more and more harmful for humans. Manufacturers use new chemical compounds capable to dissolve rust on the tile in two minutes. Just imagine what these chemicals can do to human skin.

In order to ensure that the home care products can effectively handle all the tasks, they have rich variety of chemical compounds, and the manufacturers themselves recommend wearing special gloves when using the detergents.

The safety of each product of the TM ORGANIC CONTROL was confirmed by the Institute of Ferrara, Italy.

Unlike other home care detergents, ALL ТМ ORGANIC CONTROL products have been dermatologically tested by an independent laboratory of the University of Ferrara, Italy, and proved their safety for human health.

What does this approval mean?

It means that all the components used in this product at the given concentration have no adverse effects on human health.

Why is this so important?

Despite the fact that only natural and safe components can be used in the formula, there is no expert who can guarantee that the product is absolutely safe to use. The formula is a mixture of substances, and no one can predict how this mix can affect human health, and which compounds can be re-formed in the end product. This is why each article must pass an independent test and obtain product safety protocol (see the table below).

The “ICEA” Certification Center carefully validates the results and checks the level of accreditation of the laboratory that conducted the test. Only if the product is guaranteed safe to use it can obtain an ecological certificate (see the certificate).

This condition is mandatory for successful completion of the certification.

“ICEA” reserves the right for random products safety testing. It means that “ICEA” may at any time but not less than once a year without participation of the manufacturer select any product directly from the shelves of supermarkets, and give to an independent testing laboratory in order to test the quality of the products.