Ever since, women all around the world have been on a tireless quest to find methods of possessing perfect skin and eternal youth. If we look back in history, we realize that queens and princesses used to bath in milk in order to preserve the radiance and youth of their skin. And needless to say, the search for the fountain of eternal youth has not and will never stop! Today, women are spending a fortune on cosmetic products in the hope of finding an effective and permanent solution to the various skin problems.

Their shelves are filled with an abundant number of cosmetic jars of all color and shapes! And still the perfect product has eluded them, causing them to become frustrated and financially burdened. We can now tell women that their quest has finally come to an end! The answer lies in exposing their divine faces to the gentle kisses of leeches! The light shines at Biocon's door step with its world-renowned and pacifist- minded leeches.

The history of the cosmetic brand "Hirudo-Derm" began about 20 years ago, when the medical laboratories ”Biocon -Ukraine” together with the ”Institut de Recherche appliquee a la Formulation, L' Analyse et la Qualitique -France”, created a unique product based on the biologically active substances of the medicinal leech - Hirudo Medicinalis.

The exclusiveness of HD's unique formula lies in its ability to perform a dual action: 1- Extracting the components of the medicinal leech, 2- Combining these exclusive components into complexes.

These complexes are designed using the latest achievements in dermatology and cosmetology and actively focus on treating the various causes of cosmetic skin problems.

Biokon developed its unique set to care for skin all types and age, operating on three levels. As a result, five lines were produced creating a daily course of intense skin care to correct its condition and restoration of disturbed functions.