Loyalty program

What is Loyalty Program?

Loyalty program allows the customer to obtain discounts for further purchases. It's simple- the more you buy, the more discount you get!

How does it work?

Loyalty program accumulates purchases made through our website within last 365 days and calculates your discount for future shopping.                                                             


If you ordered products for 45€ 365 days ago and for 70€ 30 days ago, today you can get 3% off your order, but if you ordered products for 45€ 366 days ago and 70€ 30 days ago, the loyalty program will reward you with the discount only for the purchase 2 days ago.

The value of orders Discounts
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Regular customers

Any customer who has an account with us and made a minimum of 5 orders in the amount of more than 230 EUR automatically obtains the status regular customer and since then, each subsequent order is rewarded with a discount (amount of discount depends on the amount of all customer orders).

1. Discounts apply only to retail customers.
2. Discounts do not add up. The system calculates the highest entitlement discount!